March 6, 2017

Good-Bye, Bill...

Guys and gals, I feel I must shed a tear for the passing of my blog-moniker's hero, Bill Paxton. His line from my all-time favorite movie, Aliens, is the reason for the title of this blog. "Stop your grinnin' and drop your linen." Not only is Paxton the only actor to be killed by the ultimate sci-fi trifecta - a Xenomorph, a Predator, and a Terminator, but he also hails from my great city of Fort Worth, TX. I once stood in the same room as him, less than ten feet away, and I was too much of a dork to say anything to him. Now I'll never get the chance again. Along with horror and sci-fi fans all over the world, I raise a glass of blue milk to you, Bill Paxton. You are one of the greats, and you will be greatly missed. "Now, for God's sake, will you cover yourself?!" 

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